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Requirement to enter Cuba

You must be traveling under an OFAC authorized category (please see attached affidavit)

Passengers from the US or non-residents in Cuba:

  • It will be mandatory to present a complete vaccination schedule at the point of entry
  • It will be mandatory to show the negative result of a PCR-RT, carried out a maximum of 72 hours before the trip. (including minors)
    Random surveillance will be increased, starting with the performance of RT-PCR at the border on travelers from high-risk countries.
  • In addition to the above measures, Cubans residing in the country, who do not have a vaccination scheme, to enter the national territory, will be obliged to:

Perform a sample collection for SARS-CoV-2 PCR-RT at the point of entry.

  • Comply with a mandatory quarantine, for eight days, in a hotel designated for this purpose, with the traveler assuming the costs of accommodation and transportation.
  • On the seventh day, a new sample will be taken that, if negative, will allow discharge from quarantine on the eighth day.
  • Those who will not require a complete vaccination schedule:
    Children up to 12 years old, of any nationality or origin.
  • Adults who for medical reasons, and duly certified, cannot be vaccinated with any of the vaccines approved to date by the corresponding regulatory agencies.
Requirement to enter EEUU

Requirement to enter the United States: Effective December 6, 2021

  • All passengers 2 years of age and older are required to have a negative COVID test 24 hours prior to flight. This includes American Citizens or Permanent Residents in the USA
  • Vaccination cards with all required doses (approved vaccines) and a negative COVID 24 hours before flight
  • If you are not vaccinated and you are an American Citizen or Permanent Resident in the USA, you will be able to enter with a negative COVID 24 hours before the flight
  • If you are not vaccinated for medical reasons, you need a medical certificate AND negative COVID 24 hours before the flight.

The following information will help you determine the number and weight of the pieces of luggage that you are allowed to take on your trip with Xael.

  • The first bag is at $2 per pound, a maximum of 70 pounds.
  • If you bring two or more bags, half will be charged at $1 per pound, the other half at $2 per pound.
  • Between hand luggage and personal items, you can have up to 35 pounds for free.
  • Caution: Air carriers may refuse to accept the following: assembled firearms or ammunition, any other items that cause inconvenience to other passengers, any liquids, whether as baggage or otherwise, or any other items not properly packed for shipment. transportation and any items considered HAZMAT (Hazardous Materials) Help with your Baggage Claim
    Fill out the “baggage assistance” form at the destination airport where your luggage did not arrive.
  • Include your passport copy. Include a copy of the baggage allowance check.
  • Have a list of the contents inside your luggage.

Please do not leave the airport without filling out the “Baggage Assistance” form. For more information you can call 877-923-5359

Passports and Visas

Do you need a passport or visa? We can help you!


  • Tourist Visa- $100
  • Extension – $199/ Express Extension- $249
  • Passport – $399/ Passport Express – $349

Extension takes 18-20 days / Express Extension takes 3 days

The Passport takes 3 months / The Express Passport takes 45 days

You are going to need;
2 passport photos and fill out our passport form (Link to form)

Traveling with children

Per airline requirement: A flight attendant is required for children ages 7-15, which is $75

Requirements to travel with animals
  1. A complete registration of the animal, chip and vaccination is needed,
    • The cost is $100 per wing.
    • Please call airlines for specific details… Requirement for charter flights: (Dog)- Complete registration of the animal, chip and vaccination, cost of $250 under the wing and $150 over the wing.


More Info
  • In Miami, Xael is located in “lobby or “Concourse” F gate 15”
  • In Cuba Xael is located in terminal 2
  • Upon arrival, you will be given a form at the airport for you to fill out your reservation information including travel dates, flight details, passenger information and payment.
  • Please arrive at the airport 4 hours before departure time.
  • We remind you that airlines may refuse to accept the following; Assembled firearms or ammunition, any item that causes a nuisance to other passengers, any liquid, any item not properly packed for transportation, and any item considered HAZMAT (hazardous materials).