Pinar del Rio Viñale Cuba

Pinar del Rio Viñales is a town in western Cuba. Its main street is lined with colorful colonial-era wooden houses, including the Municipal Museum, which explores the region’s history. Orchids and palms fill the sprawling Casa de Caridad Botanical Gardens. Viñales serves as a gateway to the Sierra de los Organos mountains and the Viñales Valley. The valley’s tall, steep-sided limestone hills, known as mogotes, draw rock climbers. The valley is also one of Cuba’s main tobacco-producing regions, with roads linking a number of working farms. West of town, the Valle de Viñales National Park is home to dozens of bird species, including the Cuban bullfinch. Nearby, Cueva del Indio is a cave with an underground river. Farther afield, the huge Gran Caverna de Santo Tomás cave system attracts spelunkers. To the north, near the small fishing village of Puerto Esperanza, the island of Cayo Inés de Soto is known for its beaches and coral reefs.